Chronological Table

The life of Julius Röntgen in chronological order

9 May 1855Julius Röntgen born
1859piano lessons with his mother, Pauline Klengel
1864first compositions
1865composition lessons with Moritz Hauptmann
1868piano lessons with Louis Plaidy
1869Rheinisches Musikfest Düsseldorf: performance of Duet for Violin and Viola by Engelbert Röntgen and Joseph Joachim
1871lessons with Carl Reinecke, piano and composition
visit to Franz Liszt in Weimar
first compositions in print
1872composition lessons with Franz Lachner in Munich
1872-1873performances in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and other places
1873meets Amanda Maier
1873-1874concert trips with baritone Julius Stockhausen
1874first encounter with Brahms
1875first encounter with Grieg
1878appointment Muziekschool Maatschappij tot bevordering der Toonkunst
first Soirée for Chamber Music in Felix Meritis
1879engagement to Amanda Maier
1880marriage to Amanda Maier in Landskrona (Sweden)  
1881birth first son, Julius
first performance with Johannes Messchaert
1883plays Brahms' Second piano concerto in Amsterdam
December 1883first visit Grieg to The Netherlands, start of a long friendship
1884-1886conductor vocal society Excelsior
1884co-founder Amsterdam Conservatory
1886birth second son, Engelbert
1886-1888managing director Felix Meritis
1886-1898conductor Toonkunst Amsterdam
1888- 11 April: inauguration Concertgebouw
- 14 April: last concert Felix Meritis conducted by Julius Röntgen
- 21 April: First concert with Toonkunst in Concertgebouw:
  Beethovens Missa Solemnis
juli 1884first visit to Norway
1889start of long series song recitals with Johannes Messchaert
1891- 25 April: conducts Bach's St. Matthew Passion
- 19 December: conducts first performance in Holland of Bach's Hohe Messe
- August: travels to Norway; meeting with Grieg and Frants Beyer
Summer 1892first sojourn at Fuglsang
1894Amanda Maier dies
1895Mengelberg conductor Concertgebouw Orchestra
1897- Grieg conducts Concertgebouw Orchestra
- second marriage to Abrahamine des Amorie van der Hoeven
- Grieg visits Röntgen
1898- first international tour Concertgebouw Orchestra, Music Fest Bergen, by invitation of Grieg
1898- resigns as conductor Toonkunst
- birth third son, Johannes
1899- birth daughter Amanda
1900- move to the Van Eeghenstraat
1900-1914- international concert trips, with Messchaert, Casals, Flesch, etc.
1902- First Dutch Music Fest, with performances of works by Julius Röntgen
- birth fourth son, Edvard Frants
- first meeting with Pablo Casals
- performs Beethovens's Fourth piano concerto in Vienna
1903- conducts Concertgebouw Orchestra with own works, in celebration of 25th anniversary in Amsterdam
1904- birth fifth son, Frants Edvard
- death Amanda Röntgen
Summer 1904- Fuglsang, start friendship with Carl Nielsen
1906- birth sixth son, Joachim
- Grieg visits Röntgen
- first Flesch-Röntgen evening Kleine Zaal Concertgebouw
1907- concerts with Grieg in Oslo
- concerts with Casals in Paris
- last visit to Grieg in Troldhaugen, with Percy Grainger
- death Grieg
- management musical inheritance Grieg
1910- first concert Percy Grainger in Amsterdam, at instigation of Röntgen
1911- conducts Third symphony in Concertgebouw
- conducts Second cello concerto Concertgebouw, with Casals as soloist
1912- Second Dutch Music Fest with performances of work by Röntgen
- Carl Nielsen conducts his Third Symphony at the Concertgebouw, at instigation of Röntgen
1912-1918- regular performances with Röntgen Trio (with both eldest sons)
1913-1924- managing director Amsterdam Conservatory
1913- opera 'Agnete', Netherlands Opera Society
1917- attends to edition correspondence Brahms-Engelmann
1918- meets Kees Boeke
1919- assumes Dutch nationality
from 1921 onwards- samenwerking met D. van der Ven: vier folkloristiche films met muziek van Röntgen
1922  - 22 August: Last meeting with Messchaert
- 10 september: death Messchaert
1924-1925- construction Villa Gaudeamus, after a design by his son Frants
1925-1932- teaches analysis courses at Gaudeamus
1927- travels to Northern America
1928- première opera 'The laughing Cavalier'
1930- honorary doctorate University of Edinburgh
- inauguration in Concertgebouw in honour of 75th birthday; performance with Concertgebouw Orchestra in Piano concertos nrs 6 and 7
1932- Casals visits Gaudeamus
- July: composes last work, Piano quintet no. 2 'Sentendo nuova forza'
- 4 August: admission to Diaconessenhuis (Hospital) Utrecht
- 13 September: Julius Röntgen dies in Utrecht
Julius Röntgen 3 years old
Moritz Hauptmann
Franz Liszt
Amanda Maier
Julius Stockhausen
Johannes Brahms
Edvard Grieg
Felix Meritis
Amanda Maier
Julius Röntgen with his wife Margaret Otter and his daughter Agnes.
Johannes Messchaert
Fuglsang, Denemarken
Willem Mengelberg
Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, ca. 1900
Villa Gaudeamus under construction, 1924
Villa Gaudeamus finished, 1925
Architect Frants Röntgen
De lachende Cavalier (Frans Hals, 1624), opera van Julius Röntgen
Eredoctoraat Universiteit van Edinburgh, 1930
De Spaanse cellist Pablo Casals
Julius Röntgen, 1932